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升级版胶原蛋白(抗衰老) Red Pomegranate Yeast Collagen Juice

RM 148.00

9 packs per box, each pack 30ml
一盒9袋 30ml

答:这是新升级的胶原蛋白饮品, 升级为“1+3多重功能(抗衰老  +  1-防晒抗光;2-褪黑反白;3-提亮去黄)“


  1. 韩国艾美科健胶原三肽:平均分子量250-500道尔顿,吸收率90%以上,有效含量不变;
  2. 日本生物科学研究所鲣鱼弹性蛋白肽:平均分子量500左右,鲣鱼心脏动脉球提取,有效含量不变。
  3. 印度红石榴浓缩粉Pomella:美国专利技术,UV克星,抑制UV对酪氨酸酶的激活,防晒抗光老化;
  4. 日本酵母抽提物Cerepron,SKII等御用成分,抑制过氧化产物MDAs,加速黑色素褪去;
  5. 日本黑生姜提取物Sirtmax,专利活性抗糖,全面抑制AGEs生成,加速提亮祛黄;
  6. 赤藓糖醇:更低热量,全面替代结晶果糖,降低身体糖化压力;


  1. 基础养护-长期:保证每天1袋,推荐每晚21:00,睡前修复,加深睡眠;
  2. 60天加强方案-美白去黑/熬夜修复/抗糖提亮:在基础1袋的基础上,再增加1袋,推荐9:00或者15:00;以60天为一个完整周期,美白去黑/抗糖提亮等可以见到明显且稳固的成效。


  1. 孕妇,每天1包即可;
  2. 子宫肌瘤,乳腺增生等,每天1包即可,不要吃过量蛋白质和豆制品;
  3. 甲亢甲减,按需服用,每天1-2包都可;
  4. 糖尿病人群,放心服用,低糖低热量,0添加精制糖,不升高血糖;
  5. 正服用药物人群,建议错开服药时间2小时,减少无必要的浪费。

What is the pomegranate yeast collagen juice drink? 

This is the newly upgraded collagen drink, upgraded to "1+3 multiple functions (anti-aging + 1-sun protection and anti-light; 2-melting and anti-white; 3-brightening and removing yellow)"

Upgrade reservation:

  1. Korea Amicogen Collagen Tripeptide: The average molecular weight is 250-500 Daltons, the absorption rate is above 90%, and the effective content remains unchanged; 
  2. Bonito Elastin Peptide of the Japanese Institute of Biological Sciences: The average molecular weight is about 500, extracted from the heart arterial bulb of bonito, and the effective content remains unchanged.
  3. Indian red pomegranate concentrated powder Pomella: US patent technology, UV killer, inhibit UV activation of tyrosinase, sun protection and anti-photoaging; 
  4. Japanese yeast extract Cerepron, SKII and other royal ingredients, inhibit the peroxide product MDAs, and accelerate the fading of melanin; 
  5. Sirtmax, a Japanese black ginger extract, has a patented active anti-sugar activity, which can completely inhibit the generation of AGEs, accelerate brightening and dispelling yellow; 
  6. Erythritol: lower calories, completely replace crystalline fructose, reduce the pressure of glycation; 

How to take:

  1. Basic maintenance-long-term: guarantee 1 bag per day, recommended at 21:00 every night, repair before going to bed, deepen sleep;
  2. 60-day enhancement plan-whitening and blackening / staying up late to repair / anti-sugar brightening: on the basis of the basic 1 bag, add another bag, recommended 9:00 or 15:00; a complete cycle of 60 days, whitening and removing black /Anti-sugar brightening, etc., you can see obvious and stable results.

Some people follow the following methods:

  1. For pregnant women, 1 pack per day is sufficient;
  2. Uterine fibroids, breast hyperplasia, etc., take 1 pack a day, don’t eat too much protein and soy products;
  3. For hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, take 1-2 sachets per day as needed;
  4. People with diabetes, take it with confidence, low sugar and low calories, 0 added refined sugar, and no blood sugar increase;
  5. For people who are taking medication, it is recommended to stagger the medication time for 2 hours to reduce unnecessary waste.