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[Miss Rudolf] Skincare Gift Set 护肤礼盒

RM 550.00

1. Makeup box
2. Hairband
3. Serum
4. Pimples gel serum
5. Midnight Cream
6. Cleanser
7. Pink Mask (2 pieces)
8. Blue Mask (2 pieces)
9. Purple Mask (2 pieces)

Serum: Acne sensitive skin include pregnant women, moisturizing and have a strong ability to repair, not sticky and good absorption.

Acne Removal Essense Gel :  Korean patent, Baiwei extract, oil control sterilization, anti-inflammatory repair, cure cyst, cure acne, large pores reduction.

Midnight Cream : Lotion cream, primer, BB cream three-in-one lazy cream, can be used as makeup cream, containing EGF and bird's nest ingredients, daytime protection night repair, texture is not heavy, sensitive skin, pregnant women can use.

Cleanser: amino acid facial cleanser, rich in foam, gentle and clean skin, suitable for men and women, sensitive muscles and pregnant women are also suitable.
Pink Mask: The world's thinnest celestial mask, anti-inflammatory moisturizing calms the skin, with a multi-effect mask is better, can also be applied daily.

Blue Mask:  human skin mask, water-based light needle component, speed repair skin, single application recommended next day, with the addition of mask effect is better.

Purple Mask: Helps reduce excess fat on the face, gel material, and can be applied at any time with the makeup of the face. Available for Pregnant women.

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