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[PassionCAT] EZ-BONG Waterproof Eyeliner

RM 27.50 RM 55.00

Eyeliner Like a Tattoo with BONG tip! One-Touch Waterline Liner! Direct-Dispense without Drying! Soft and Flexible BONG tip! 

Smooth Application: Soft and Flexible Bong tips Easy on Your Eyes with One-Stroke Drawing And Allows to Freely Control Desired Thickness of Lines

 ‘Ink-Tank’ Mechanism as a Fountain Pen 

+ Double Walled Cap for NO More Drying Tip!!

Q. What is Ink-Tank System?

A. Just Like a Fountain Pen’s Cartridge,The Ink is Directly Filled and Delivered to the Tip Without Any Filter Inside.

Q. Why is Ink-Tank Great?

A. You Can Enjoy Intense Pigmented Color with Great Color Payoff from the Beginning til the End of Use without Fading or Drying.

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