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Ban Ban Pack Mask

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半半面膜,一半一半满足你所有的需求❤️Olive young 是最近刚上架的新款面膜,INS韩国社交网上也有很多人在推荐,现在混合性肌肤的人越来越多,这款面膜刚好满足分区护理的要求!



What it is

A unique, multi-purpose face pack that delivers special care for both your T-zone and U-zone.

T-zone Pore Pack (Green) - this pack contains a rich blend of exceptional skincare ingredients including volcanic ash clay, green tea extract, lemon balm and applemint extract. It balances out the moisture levels of the skin and controls sebum on the T-zone area which is more prone to excessive oil production. This also eliminates impurities to keep the skin clear and healthy.

U-zone Moisturizing Pack (Orange) - this pack contains premium pumpkin extract and sweet almond oil that effectively tightens pores and leaves the skin silky smooth. This contains rich source of nutrients and moisture that helps the U-zone look radiant and youthful.

How to use

After cleansing and toning, apply the green pack onto the T-zone (forehead, nose bridge and nose) then, apply the orange pack onto the U-zone (cheeks and chin). Leave the pack for 15 to 25 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.

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