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[Miss Rudolf] Gift Set 彩妆礼盒

RM 566.00

1. Makeup box

2. Makeup brushes

3. BB cushion

4. Settling Powder

5. Eyeshadow Palette 

6. Eyeliner 

7. Eyebrow pencil

8. Liptint

BB Cushion:  moisturized, 24 hours long lasting with concealer effect. Sensitive skin,  acne skin and pregnant women can use. (Free refill pack)

Settling Powder: Anti-oxidation, anti-UV, waterproof and anti-sweat, micro-powder technology, no clogged pores, long-lasting makeup, brightening skin, botanical extract

Eye Shadow Palette: 12-color food-level eye shadow, shading shadow, blusher, eye shadow, high-light, fine powder and long-lasting, beautiful while maintaining eye protection against pigmentation.

Eyeliner: waterproof and quick-drying, suitable for newbie.

Eyebrow pencil: Waterproof and easy to color, suitable for newbie

Liptint: waterproof non-stick cup, matte texture, plant fixing technology. Lead-free mercury, available to pregnant women.

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