We are looking for business partners for long term collaboration

We are the Malaysia official distributor for Miss Rudolf products, a Hong Kong brand. Ingredient from: Germany, Europe, France, and other countries.

How is our Miss Rudolf business partner plan work?

  1. Register with us to become our business partners.

  2. We provide online coaching, photo, video and details description.

  3. 100% Genuine and quality products. We handle stock inventory and shipping process.

  4. You can kick start your business immediately with low capital and low risk.

  5. Flexible to work anywhere and anytime through retail shop, online platform, social media and online store etc).

  6. There are few levels plan for your choices, this will decide how much money you earn by choosing the right plan for you. Contact us for details.

Best sellers from our ecommerce beauty store: midnight cream, BB cushion, eyeshadow palette, lipstick , liptint, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, pimple gel, facial cleaner, settling powder, makeup box, makeup brushes, facial mask, moisturizer, cleanser, toner, serum, pimple gel, midnight cream and many more. 100% Authentic and Genuine products.

We are looking for business partners, who are looking for new opportunity to earn additional income with wholesale price provided by us. Start a business without worrying about operation, stock inventory and shipping process, you are responsible for dealing with your customer and receive payment. If you are looking for a beauty supply wholesale, you may talk to us too. Welcome any suitable candidate such as college student, office lady, beautician, makeup artist, blogger, influencer, vlogger, online seller, retail owners and housewife, please feel free to contact us to get more details about this business plan.

Please see details at https://dailybtyl.com/miss-rudolf-launch-in-penang/#page-content

Please see details at https://dailybtyl.com/miss-rudolf/#page-content

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wechat : yytanmua

wechat : homechannel_ming

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产品有: 熬夜霜, 精华液, 抗痘针,气垫粉底,眼线笔, 眼影盘,眉笔, 面膜, 瘦脸面膜, 补水面膜, 口红, 不沾杯唇釉等等

疫情当下未来6个月,所谓的铁饭碗打工族可能面临失业危机。勇敢的跨出这一步️, 别再犹豫了… 你值得更好的发展!

一个手机就可以开始副业, 一不小心你变能当上了老板

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